Winnebago County Drainage District 1 Repair Projects Get Contracts Approved

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors have accepted bids for two of three projects slated within Drainage District 1. The projects are being proposed because of drainage issues which need repairs.

Drainage District 1 Lateral 2 had six bidders, but one bid was thrown out on a technicality. The bids ranged from Rognes Brothers $113,966 to the Cory Juergens Excavating Company bid of $88,977.15. After verifying the bid was correct, the board, minus Chairman Mike Stensrud who was absent, approved the Juergens bid. The near one mile stretch of drainage will see work done on the ditch later this year.

Drainage District 1 Lateral 4 is a smaller stretch of ditch that also needs cleanout, but not to the extent of Lateral 2. Here, Rognes Brothers had the winning bid of $30,071.42. Like Lateral 2, the work on the project will begin later this year.

A third project was ruled out by Rick Hopper, Engineer for Jacobson-Westergaard Engineering. The reason is because of a new culvert that has gone in recently and drainage appears to be alright for now despite what appears to be a large amount of silt.

The County Roads Department and the Drainage Clerk will keep an eye on the ditch for needed repairs in the future.