Hancock County to host Health & Wellness Expo

Chamber of commerce organizations from Garner and Britt are teaming up with area businesses to encourage better health practices in 2018. Since 1988, the obesity rate in Iowa has increased from 14 to 32 percent. Currently, Hancock County ranks 61 in the active index, with a participation rate of 4.47 percent. The 2017 ranking improved from the 2016 ranking of 88. Both chamber organizations hope to see even greater improvement this year with the first annual Hancock County Health and Wellness Expo this Saturday from 1 to 4pm at the Garner-Hayfield-Ventura High School.

Garner Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Amber Jenniges tells about the goals of the event.

The Hancock County Health and Wellness Expo will feature 22 vendors that will provide free wellness information and screenings. You’ll also have an opportunity to learn more about CPR and heimlich maneuvers, enjoy games, snacks and even register for some great prizes.

One of the vendors, Live Healthy Iowa, offers many challenges and events throughout the year to help Iowans achieve a better active index ranking and improve overall health. Registered Nurse Denise Hiscocks explains the “Live Healthy Iowa” initiative.

In addition to the “Live Healthy Iowa” initiative, the Hancock County Health and Wellness Expo will also give you the opportunity to meet a legendary man that is schooled in health and well-being. “Live Healthy Iowa” representative Doug Weiland announces who the special guest of the day will be.