North Iowans Watch as Governments Try to Stabilize Health Insurance Programs

Many north Iowans are still suffering through high deductibles and premiums in their company or individual health insurance plans through no fault of their employer or themselves. Politicians on both sides are admitting that the system that was put in place to ensure all Americans had health insurance is essentially collapsing and becoming ineffective. President Trump took steps to make sure that the federal government doesn’t subsidize multi billion dollar insurance companies who initially stood to gain substantially from the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, but as it turns out, are losing large sums of money from the imbalance of premiums vs. payouts.

The state of Iowa lost all but one of it’s insurance carriers and took steps to try and stabilize things with Iowa’s Stopgap Plan. The effort will remain to be seen if it is successful. A spokeswoman for Governor Kim Reynolds says Iowa’s plan to try to stabilize the state’s individual insurance market would not be affected by President Trump’s decision to end ObamaCare subsidies for insurance companies.

Brenna Smith, a spokeswoman for the governor, says the decision by the federal government “does not impact Iowa’s Stopgap Measure one way or the other.” State officials are still waiting for a federal waiver to implement the plan. It aims to help 72-thousand Iowans buy individual insurance policies for 2018. The governor’s spokeswoman says the funding for Iowa’s “stopgap measure” would come from the premium subsidies for individuals. President Trump has not ended those.

The White House says it cannot legally pay insurance companies the subsidies that were outlined in the Affordable Care Act. The governor’s spokeswoman says state officials “assumed” those wouldn’t exist anyway when they designed the Iowa Stopgap Plan.

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