Mayo Health Is Rearranging Health Services, Not Moving Hospitals

There have been a number of stories that have been circulating about the area concerning the alleged move of the Mayo Health Hospital out of Albert Lea and into Austin, Minnesota. There has also been talk of an increase in mental health services in Albert Lea. This coming from several sources who are not affiliated with the Mayo Health System. If you were to talk with the administration of Mayo Health, they tell a much different picture of the situation.

KIOW News Director A. J. Taylor sat down with Dr. Annie Sadosty of the Mayo Health System Administration to try and clarify, possibly even correct some of the stories circulating amongst the area communities. One thing is for certain. Job loss will be very minimal because only 5% of the services will be affected, which means that out of the 500 patients that the Mayo Health System in Albert Lea sees everyday, only 7 will feel the effect of the reorganization.

First though, will the Albert Lea Medical Center move out of Albert Lea?

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