Vintage Forester Camper Rally Comes to Forest City

It will be a busy weekend at the Pilot Knob State Park as campers involved in the Vintage Forester Camper Rally make their way into town over the weekend. Thursday will be the opening day in the event where campers will officially check in at 3pm. Campers have already made reservations by going to for early availability. On Friday, the Stone Shelter will be the site of the “Meet and Greet”. Campers will bring their own supplies to grill, drink, and eat.

The campers will go to the Historical Society Museum which is about five minutes away from the Forester Plant. There will be a special Forester section set upĀ  for attendees to visit. Then at 10am, campers will get a tour of the Forester Plant located at 1400 S. 4th Street. Afterwards, campers are invited tour through Forest City and relax until 3pm when they can attend a tent set up by Marlan Hanson who will be giving a presentation. It will also be time for the annual House/Swap and Stuff where campers will put out stuff that they don’t need and potentially get it to those who do need it. There will also be a walking tour of all of the Forester campers on site.

The evening events will begin at 6:30pm with a potluck which will require campers to bring their own tables and chairs. The social event will continue throughout the evening at the park.

The event wraps up on Sunday with a planning session and check out at 3pm.

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