Election Results in Winnebago County

The North Iowa Community School District election results are in. Mark Osterman won the North Iowa CSD Director seat unopposed with 318 votes. In the North Iowa CSD Director At Large seat, Emily Ansgtman had 54% of the vote or 287 votes over Rachel Wubben with 242. John Heiland takes the CSD Director District 3 seat unopposed with 319 votes, and David A. Steffens, Jr. wins the North Iowa Community College Director District 1 seat unopposed with 306 votes.

As to the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy, the measure passed with 67% saying yes and 32% no. The actual vote was 235 yes to 114 no.

The Forest City Community School District saw a very tight race between four individuals in the two Director 1 post positions. Eric D. Kingland wins a seat with 411 votes. Cynthia Carter was second and took the second seat with 393 votes. Beth Clouse was third with 390, and Jeremy Archer had 212.

In the Director for District 2, Pat Hobbs won unopposed with 673 votes despite the three write in votes cast. Dave Bartlett wins the Director for District 3 post unopposed with 670 votes. David A. Steffens wins the North Iowa Community College Director District 1 seat unopposed with 657 votes.

The Physical Plant and Equipment Levy passed despite early returns to the contrary. The final total saw 513 votes saying yes and 278 voting no.

In the Lake Mills Community School District, both Kristie Smith and Donald Knudtson will take a seat at the board. Smith will be the District 1 Director and Knudtson will take the At Large seat.

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