Firefighters Put On a Show in Forest City

The 139th Annual Iowa Firefighters Association Convention came to an end over the weekend, but Forest City businesses and residents benefitted greatly from the event. Local restaurants were generally full during meal rush times and many stores and shops saw an increase in sales.

Firefighters prepare to compete in connecting hoses and firing at targets.


For the Forest City residents, it was a chance to watch firefighters fiercely compete in skills competitions that demonstrated the requirements of the job. On Saturday, over 1,000 firefighters competed in various events for state bragging rights. Onlookers watched everything from the techniques used in hooking up firehoses to team coordination drills.

Albinion Firefighters work in a firehose connection competition.

On Friday night, Forest City firefighters reportedly had to use those skills in real life as a fire broke out in a residential garage. Then on Saturday night, paramedics were called to assist in a medical emergency in front of the Forest Theater.

As his fellow Atlantic firefighters hook up hoses, a firefighter takes aim at the target ahead.

The emergency on Saturday was preceded by a large scale parade that went up Clark Street and on to past Waldorf University.

 A Firefighter Honor Guard parades the colors.
Grand Marshall Dick Fray, a retired firefighter, leads the parade.
The IFA Officers enjoying the drone taking pictures from above.
Forest City Byron Ruiter rides in the parade with his wife.
The Forest City Fire Department show off one of their “older” model trucks.
Forest City Fire Department Pumpers lead the fire trucks down Clark Street.
The Lake Mills Fire Department also rode in the parade downtown.
A Lake Mills Fire Department Pumper with many of the department firefighters onboard.
The Floyd Fire Department shows of its patriotic pumper. Notice the large eagle on the side of the truck along with the American flag.
The Le Mars Fire Department with their entire contingent onboard.
The Cherokee Fire Department with an older ladder truck.


The drone camera hangs above the Atlantic Fire Truck.

Rusty’s Fire Department was complete with a bagpiper.
The Radcliffe Fire Department along with spouses and friends.
The Crystal Lake Fire Department brought out one of their pumpers.
The Brighton Township Marine Unit.
The Keystone Fire Department had almost a clownish appearance.

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