2A/3A Thursday State Track Results

Link to Complete State Track Results: http://www.iahsaa.org/Track/2017/index.htm

2A Boys Shuttle Hurdle Relay

Osage 1:03.82 Wesley Smith, Lucas Scjwamman, Thor Maakestad, Gage Belz Did Not Qualify

Clarion-Goldfield-Dows 1:04.58 Jacob O’ Connor, Clinton Miller, Alex Machuca, Chase Harker DNQ

2A Girls 3000 Meters

Megan Mooberry Osage 10:52.94 10th

Mia Knudson Osage 11:30.12 20th

Patty Teggatz Hampton-Dumont 11:17.26 14th

2A Boys 3200 Meters

Reece Smith Garner-Hayfield-Ventura 9:30.03 2nd

Ray Cataldo Garner-Hayfield-Ventura 10:09.87 17th

3A Boys 3200 Meters

Trey Engen Algona 10:04.53 18th

2A Girls 200 Meters

Jayden Hughes Garner-Hayfield-Ventura 0:26.36 DNQ

Brenna Jacobs Osage 0:26.43 DNQ

3A Girls 200 Meters

Sydney Hoover Algona 0:26.98 DNQ

Amanda Hentges Algona 0:27.08 DNQ

2A Boys 200 Meters

Kalen Eastman Central Springs 0:22.91 DNQ

Zach Santee Central Springs 0:23.21 DNQ

3A Boys 200 Meters

Samonte Bawden Algona 0:22.82 Q

2A Girls 4×800 Relay

Central Springs 9:55.53 Kaylee Parks, Maria Franke, Alexis Oppman, Hannah Wagner 10th

Osage 10:47.57 Breanna Barker, Claire Huisman, Mia Knudson, Madi Johnson 24th

2A Boys 4×800 Relay

Forest City 8:20.68 Grady Hovenga, Zach Lehmann, Brandon Finch, Ryan Theel 10th

Osage 8:38.58 Ben Huftalin, Garrett Maakestad, Nick Hoppel, Alex Swenson 16th

2A Girls 100 Meters

Brenna Jacobs Osage 0:12.90 Q

Jayden Hughes Garner-Hayfield-Ventura 0:12.93 DNQ

Courtney Harle Clarion-Goldfield-Dows 0:13.26 DNQ

3A Girls 100 Meters

Amanda Hentges Algona 0:13.07 DNQ

2A Boys 100 Meters

Hunter Sutter Hampton-Dumont 0:11.26 Q

Kalen Eastman Central Springs 0:11.45 DNQ

Richard Gildemeister Forest City 0:11.44 DNQ

3A Boys 100 Meters

Samonte Bawden Algona 0:11.33 DNQ

2A Girls 400 Meters

Hannah Wagner Central Springs 1:01.47 12th

Jenna Konig Central Springs 1:02.84 17th

Brenna Jacobs Osage 1:00.28 7th

3A Girls 400 Meters

Hailey Schmidt Algona 1:02.66 18th

2A Boys 400 Meters

Richard Gildemeister Forest City 0:51.30 9th

Thor Maakestad Osage 0:53.93 22nd

3A Boys 400 Meters

Austin Chase Algona 0:51.32 12th

2A Girls Shuttle Hurdle Relay

Garner-Hayfield-Ventura 1:12.15 Madeline Hinz, Mara Anderson, Rachel Hejlik, Jillian Heitland DNQ

Osage 1:11.52 Libby Schwamman, Sydney Midlang, Lindsay Hemann, Taylor Spitz DNQ

Clear Lake 1:16.94 Olivia Amos, Bella Parker, Ashley Archer, Makia Fessler DNQ


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