Drainage Dominates Hancock County Board Agenda This Week

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors have begun efforts to get numerous drainage issues addressed for the upcoming growing season. The board will meet in the Hancock County Courthouse at 9am to first study an engineers report on Drainage District 1 and 2 East Main Laterals 6B and 6B-1. The board will have a formal hearing on the repairs and proposed classification of Laterals 6B-A and 6C with landowners along the laterals.

The board will then consider bids for Drainage District 130 Main Tile Surface Drain and 57 Main Tile Repair. The board will award contracts for each project. This will be followed by a reclassification of Drainage District 82 and a formal hearing with landowners along the Drainage District 10 Lateral 2F and 2G. Another formal hearing will be held on the Drainage District 10 Lateral 2F and 2G repairs project.

The board will then hear from Kent Rode of I & S Group and study his engineering report on Drainage District 3 and 4 Lateral 8. The board will need to set a formal hearing time for landowners to voice their concerns. This will be followed by a discussion on cost overruns with the Drainage District 6 Main Open Ditch Repairs.

Two more items involve the same district with regards to drainage. The board will first discuss Drainage District 52-54-17 Lateral 6FE. The board is considering a repairs contract with Helgeson Drainage Incorporated. The second discussion will take place at the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors regarding the joint portion of the district. The board will also hold a teleconference with the Cerro Gordo Board regarding the establishment of a joint drainage district.

Other non drainage items to appear on the agenda include a discussion on the occupancy limit in the Law Enforcement Center Basement Meeting Room and maintenance of the Duncan Heights Property.

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