Wright County Approves Digital Drainage Mapping

The Wright County Board of Supervisors are going ahead with plans to use digital mapping of drainage districts within the county. The Geographical Information System plat maps will provide much needed data to both the landowners and to the county.

For landowners, particularly farmers, the ability to determine whether the tile is private or district owned is important, but they can also determine what kind of tile is there.

For the county, the ability to assess the tile is much easier. Drainage clerks have the ability to find who owns what tile and to update information more easily. They can also determine size of laterals, ditches, and location with greater accuracy. The supervisors have asked McClure Engineering to head up the mapping project.

Wright County Drainage Clerk Deb Lukes estimate that the cost per township would be near $10,000. From that, she derived the cost to each individual district. Depending on the size and scope of the district, the cost would vary between each. These varied from $2,500 to as low as $800.

The project will get underway very soon.

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