Warriors Fight Off Iowa Wesleyan, Retain Purple Cup

The Waldorf University men’s golf team fought off Iowa Wesleyan University to retain the Purple Cup during Sunday’s match-play event.

Waldorf topped NCAA Division III’s Tigers by as 38-34 margin, capturing its third consecutive victory in the semi-annual rivalry that began in the spring of 2015.

“It’s good camaraderie, but great competition,” Waldorf coach Mark Clouse said. “Each side wants to win the bragging rights until the next Purple Cup. We’ve been having some pretty good success as of late.”

Among the four matches played at Sheaffer Memorial Golf Course, the Warriors won one match and tied in another.

“It’s very good competition when you’re trying to accumulate as many points over the course of 18 holes and you have six holes of best shot, six holes of best ball and six holes of alternate shot,” Clouse said. “You get three different formats with a Ryder Cup atmosphere.”

Iowa Wesleyan’s Bo Vitale and Kiley Miller scored 10 points to fend off Waldorf senior Hugo Becerra and sophomore Zabdiel Flores, who notched eight points. Becerra and Flores, who hail from Mexico, have partnered together to face Vitale and Miller since the rivalry’s inception.

“It’s kind of like an international flavor to the Purple Cup,” Clouse said. “They’ve had some good matches over the past couple of years, so we traditionally put those two teams together because they have a rivalry that they’ve been continuing to carry on from Purple Cup to Purple Cup.”

Waldorf seniors Chad Hein and Austin Sommer tied Iowa Wesleyan’s Michael Neff and Brock Butler as each team recorded nine points apiece.

Iowa Wesleyan’s Mitchell Schneider and Blake Forsythe contributed 11 points to defeat Waldorf freshman Justin Pierce and senior Thomas O’Rourke, who tallied seven points.

Clouse and Waldorf assistant coach Cody Rozales compiled 14 points to top Iowa Wesleyan coaches Kurt Moon and Austin Willis, who added four points.

“It was a great way to prepare for the stroke-play tournament [on Monday],” Clouse said.

The Warriors round out their trip to Fort Madison with the Tiger Classic, scheduled to begin on Monday at 9 a.m.

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