Hancock County Cities to Draft a 28E for 911 Services Tonight

The recent issue regarding combined 911 services between Hancock and Winnebago County now has taken another turn. The deal to share services was turned down at a public hearing between both the Winnebago and Hancock County Boards over a month ago. Garner City Manager Randy Lansing described what followed.

The cities are concerned about what appears to be, a dramatic increase in fees for the services, but Lansing says that there is more to this.

The proposal is modeled after the Wright County agreement with their cities which has been in place for some time. According to Lansing, these agreements vary in the amount cities actually pay in to the county for 911 services.

The proposed change by Hancock County could result in much higher fees charged to the cities of Hancock County for 911 dispatch services according to Lansing.

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