Area musicians make music for a friend in need

Everybody Love Everybody, a new album from Midwest indie rockers Spin Spin Coupling, is a fundraiser for its lead singer. All net proceeds go to Team Mike to help offset massive medical expenses.  Featuring a band of friends that has played jolly melancholy hawk rock together as Spin Spin Coupling since 2001, Everybody Love Everybody covers a lot of terrain.

The music ranges from bittersweet indie rock to catchy power pop to earnest roots rock to downright goofy zombie rock, while often soaring on the thermals and occasionally baring its talons. The 9 principal players are a bit far flung as well, residing in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and North Carolina. Dripping in nostalgia on several levels, this album is years in the making and celebrates the wonderful music and friendship of Mike Jensen, to whom it is dedicated. “Everybody Love Everybody” is Mike’s motto for life, and thus a fitting title for this collection of songs as well as a timely reminder of how different our world would be if everyone could just follow it.  Forest City native Paul Van Auken is one of several local musicians that are involved in the project. Paul spoke recently with KIOW Radio morning show host Mark Skaar about the project.

To purchase a copy of “Everybody Loves Everybody”, please click on the link below.


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