Public Safety Center I. T. Now Under NGT Supervision

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors have agreed with Winnebago County Sheriff Dave Peterson to switch from an in-house Internet Technology supervisor, to that of an outside source for the new Public Safety Center. Next Generation Technologies will now assume the installation and maintenance of the internet technologies (IT) at the Public Safety Center. Peterson had expressed in Supervisor meetings that he needed 24 hour support at the center and with his officers, should something go wrong.

The board wanted Winnebago County IT Director Eric Guth to sign off on all IT related purchases made by the Sheriff’s Office, NGT, and the Winnebago County Communications Board. Guth expressed concern that if he did not know why the purchases were needed, because he was not involved in the day to day IT operation of the center, he should not be the final signor to the purchase. Guth felt that he would end up as the being a scapegoat on bad decisions.

Some supervisors felt that Guth would be the right person to sign off on IT purchases for the center because he would be that ideal check and balance for needed items and those that really were not necessary. Supervisor Mike Stensrud explained it simply…

The contract with NGT calls for a monthly cost to the Sheriff’s Office for service at $1,100. NGT will service the center 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This includes on demand labor from 7am to 5pm on normal weekdays. Any time before or after those hours requires an hourly service charge of $135.

The contract also estimates that yearly hardware and equipment will cost the county anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 a year. This includes approximately $5,000 for software, $4,000 for Body Camera Data Storage, $2,000 for accessories, and $4,000 for all for workstations on a yearly rotation for maintenance.

NGT will be able to access computers and data networks either onsite or through remote trouble shooting means. They would also maintain printers, scanners, and other integrated devices throughout the center in the same manner. With the computer systems, NGT would not be able to make systemic or configuration changes without the approval of the Sheriff and the Communications Commission.

The Communications Commission along with Peterson, will make all final decisions on purchases for the center and will not need the blessing of the Winnebago Supervisors.

Both Supervisors Bill Jensvold and Terry Durby did not want Guth completely out of the loop, however. In speaking with NGT, Durby wanted Guth to know the entire workings of the center.

The Public Safety Center is expected to be completed this spring.




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