Garner Continues Work on Sewer Projects

The Garner City Council received an update on the current state of storm sewer projects in the city. These include the Cottonwood Drive Storm Sewers, the East 2nd Street Storm Sewers, and the Southside Storm sewers. The projects are underway on two of the sewer systems, but a third, the Southside Storm Sewers are currently under study.

The city met with residents along the route of the Cottonwood Drive Storm Sewer to discuss the issues involved with the reconstruction of the lines. Garner City Administrator Randy Lansing explains:

The work on the East 2nd Street Storm Sewer Project is a little more involved. City officials want to determine where the sidewalks will be located.

The Southside Storm Sewer Project involves six blocks which have been experiencing a number of drainage issues. Lansing said that a study is underway to alleviate the problem.

The repairs may involve an improvement to the existing lines. This would require larger piping to accommodate the water that flows into the system. Garner city officials will begin looking at this project more in depth to determine pricing and sewer line capabilities with the upgrade.




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