Wubben Memorialized By The Winnebago Board

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors authorized a memorial for one of their own with a tribute that will remain in the Supervisors Room at the Winnebago County Courthouse. It is a gavel and block that will remain on the desk of the board in tribute. The memorial is for Warren “Willie” Wubben, former chairman of the board before he passed suddenly in September of 2014.

Members of the current board shared their thoughts concerning Wubben and what he meant to the county and its people.

Winnebago County Auditor Karla Weiss remembers how Wubben prepared himself for the task of being a County Supervisor.

Current Chairman Bill Jensvold was the closest to Wubben. He always found Wubben to be that good friend who was always willing to talk or spend time with.

In Wubben’s final election to the board, he actually did not run at first and Jensvold then ran for his seat. But, people in Wubbens’ district still encouraged him to run.

Wubben served on the board from January 2, 2007 until his death on September 29, 2014. On that day, Weiss felt that something was wrong, because she had not heard from Wubben for two days. She said that was not like him at all. She asked Winnebago County Sheriff Dave Peterson if he could check on him. That is when he was found in his home and pronounced dead.

Supervisor Terry Durby always enjoyed working with Wubben because of his dedication to the county. In Durby’s words…

Warren’s brother ceremoniously hammered the gavel into service during its dedication. He spared no enthusiasm in his effort leaving a dimple in the block when he struck it with the hammer that bears his brothers name.







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