Goodell to Discuss Budget on March 13th

The City of Goodell has decided to postpone its annual budget hearing till Monday. The city officials offered a number of reasons, among them an increase in the amount paid to Hancock County for 911 and emergency services and a need for a new loan.

The city will be forced to have to pay 1.9% more in fees to Hancock County in order to retain 911 emergency services. This stems from a discovery by the county that towns within county borders were paying less than those in surrounding communities. Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach explained the situation.

The city will send Mayor Ryan Halfpop to a meeting of all mayors and officials in Hancock County to discuss the issues regarding these emergency services.

Then the city was informed that the Iowa Housing Authority will not grant any extensions on a housing loan. This will mean that the city will have implement a repayment plan which may require a tax levy to pay for the notes. The city look to possibly secure a loan to make up the difference.


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