Forest City Council to Review Parking Issues

The Forest City Council will meet this evening beginning at 7pm to first hear from Norma Hertzer, Marketing Director for Grow Forest City. She will discuss the upcoming Community Concert featuring Anda Union which is coming to Waldorf University shortly. She will also talk about various events sponsored by Grow Forest City including the Forest City Christmas photography, the Medallion Hunt, the Winnebago Outdoor Adventure Race, and other winter promotions.

Beth Bilyeu of the Forest City Economic Development will review community and business efforts by the organization. She will also look at future events and functions planned for this year.

The council will hear from Rex Taylor who is a landlord in Forest City. Taylor has asked to appear before the council in order to have a water and sewer bill forgiven. Taylor alleges that the renter of his property moved out prior to the onslaught of the bitterly cold temperatures in the area. In so doing, the renter shut off the heat which caused the pipes to burst sometime during the Christmas holidays. Taylor is asking the council to not charge him for the water and sewer bills for December due to the mishap. The city council has never forgiven a bill due to these circumstances in the past and is likely not to in this case.

The Forest City Police Departments’ Dustin Buck will give a report to the council on items that are on loan or purchased through the 10-33 Program for police departments. The purpose is to give the council and mayor an accounting of items owned by the city and identify possible future needs. No action is expected on this item.

The city will conclude the evening meeting with discussion on the parking permit amendment to Ordinance 762. This will be the second reading of the what is termed as the “J” Street Residential Parking Permit Area. The area that requires permits runs from 7th Street West to 11th Street. This also includes “J” Street North to “L” Street while also encompassing 11th Street beginning at “J” Street south to “G” Street. The ordinance pertains to both sides of the street. Those in the area will have to obtain a parking permit to park on the street. The council may waive the third reading and enact the amendment to the Ordinance.

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