Company Reports Lower Estimate on Diesel Fuel Spill

A diesel fuel spill in north-central Iowa last week wasn’t as big as initially thought. That’s according to officials with Magellan Midstream Partners, which had reported nearly 139-thousand gallons spilled when a pipeline broke near Hanlontown in Worth County on Wednesday. The company has since reported a new estimate of nearly 47-thousand gallons to federal authorities. Magellan spokesman Tom Byers says the defective portion of the 12-inch pipeline was cut out, and a new portion welded into place, allowing operations to resume on Saturday.

The company reached the new estimate by calculating how much diesel had to be pumped in to get the pipeline back online. Iowa DNR officials have said the diesel did NOT reach any bodies of water. Contaminated snow and diesel were hauled to a facility in Minneapolis. The tainted soil is going to a landfill near Lake Mills.

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