Forest City Chamber of Commerce Medallion Hunt Clues

Clue 8

They stand like three kings, wise men from afar. Your guiding star, they’ll show you the way. This clue’s from Newman, Thompson, & Gray— all three, by the way

Clue 7

The Farmer’s Coop turned 100 this year. Big celebration- a summertime cheer! Today’s clue sponsor, they want you to draw near.

Clue 6

Reflect on this, if you think it will help, The Paddler’s Tap, our sponsor today, can pour you a brew while you ponder what it means to reflect on the clue.

Clue 5

A Johnny Cash song points to a link. Farm & City Insurance sponsors us today, and let’s see what you think, as the man in black gets into the ring.

Clue 4

Is it buried, is it tucked away far, or maybe overhead, hung by a wire? This clues’ sponsor, Missal Insurance & Realty, might say that it’s listed-get it? Or, oh, no, maybe you’ve missed it?

Clue 3

What’s in a name, is that what you say? Winnebago Industries is our sponsor today. It’s the right way, and there is something to it. Think real hard, but don’t overdo it.

Clue 2

If something breaks, if something is lost, they’ve got it covered, which is kind of a clue. As we thank Jordahl Agency, our sponsor for Day Number 2.

Clue 1

Strap on your tools, put together your plan, then dig in, lets get to work. After all, look at the date: it’s time to begin. Forest City’s Medallion Hunt starts today. And our good sponsor, Holland Contracting, will get us all under way!

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