Waldorf College is Changing It’s Name Today

For over 100 years, Waldorf College has been an institution in northern Iowa. First it started as a two year college, then it became a four year college and expanded it’s curriculum base with more offerings. Activities in college life also began to expand in such areas as athletics, fine arts programs, and other disciplines.

Then college began to experience a downturn in enrollment and the institution went through some dark moments of uncertainty. The downturn did not last long and the college expanded into online offerings along with an uptick in course offerings on campus. That is when the college saw record enrollment, greater activity in student life, partnerships with Forest City Schools and the City of Forest City. In short, the college rebounded.

Those involved in the administration began to see another need. One of image to be exact and so the college was renamed. Gone are the days of Waldorf College. Now the college will go by a new name, Waldorf University. Dr. Bob Alsop, President of Waldorf explains the genesis of the change.:

Waldorf University President Dr. Bob Alsop
Waldorf University President Dr. Bob Alsop

By changing the name from college to university, it now implies that graduate programs are available and demonstrates that Waldorf has gone beyond the four year institution concept. It also means an opportunity for growth in curriculum for Waldorf along with other areas that are not just limited to Waldorf classrooms.:

The new Waldorf University logo
The new Waldorf University logo

The university will continue to look at new opportunities to grow. However, it also realizes its current capacity and works within those boundries to benefit the student according to Alsop.

One area for unlimited potential growth is the online course offerings. The college recently ventured into this area and has seen tremendous enrollment because of the convenience for the student who may not be able to attend the traditional brick and mortar setting.

Alsop emphasized however, that the university is still Waldorf, but that the name change is an example of the growth of the over 100 year old institution in Forest City.

Today at 10am, the university will have an unveiling at the steps of Salveson Hall followed by celebrations in the atrium. The public is invited to attend.

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