“Pink Haired Concert Interpreter” to Speak at Waldorf Tonight

Waldorf’s College Speaker Series presents Amber Galloway-Gallego. She will hold a free hour long presentation that will give the audience a look into the world of deaf culture through the eyes of an American Sign Language (ASL) Concert Interpreter. The presentation will take place tonight at 7 p.m. in the Waldorf College Atrium, and is open to the public.
Amber Galloway-Gallego
Galloway-Gallego is known as the pink-haired interpreter whose interpretation of Kendrick Lamar during the music festival, Lollapalooza went viral, being shared millions of times on Twitter, Tumbler, and Vine.

She captivates her audience with ASL demonstrations of her signing to popular hip hop, rap, and rock songs, and gives you a behind the scenes look at how she prepares and communicates at these mega events. Her presentation is full of fun, humor, and great insight on the deaf community in America.

Amber Galloway-Gallego (left) in a sign language Rap Battle on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Amber Galloway-Gallego (left) in a sign language Rap Battle on Jimmy Kimmel Live

When Galloway-Gallego is not teaching future interpreters, facilitating workshops around the country, or working “in the field” as a freelance interpreter, she is busy interpreting concerts and music festival in a myriad of genres. Passion, dedication, integrity and continual skill development are attributes that Amber not only instills in her students, but traits she demands from herself.

All Speaker Series at Waldorf College are free and open to the public.

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