Farmers Discuss Water Quality in Klemme

The Iowa Learning Farms hosted a field day yesterday, at a farm near Klemme where nearly 100 farmers from around North Iowa attended the fuction. Farmers discussed and shared information on how to improve water quality. Farmers are acknowledging that the issue exists and they want to go about finding methods to reduce the amount nitrogen and phosphorus that’s going into Iowa’s rivers and streams. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has set strict guidelines on water quality which is prompting area farmers to discuss the problem.

Other subjects discussed were about how strip-tillage and cover crops can help maintain the topsoil  in the field.

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey made an appearance and discussed the importance of area farmers making an effort to control erosion and reduce the amount of chemicals that run into waterways. Northey wants to see more discussion and gatherings like the Klemme event so that farmers can remain proactive.

With tighter government regulation continuing to and improve water quality, a substantial number of farmers agreed that they need to self police how these chemicals are applied and aintained.