Electric Meter Cutover Project to Bury Power Lines in Forest City (Audio)

In an attempt to improve electrical service and billing in the Forest City area, the city council has gone ahead and approved the 2014 Electric Meter Cutover Project. The city is already making improvements to the electrical grid. Forest City Electric Department Manager Duane Kuhn told KIOW News recently that electrical lines will begin to be buried. The project will cost several thousands of dollars, but the city has a goal to bury all lines going to homes and businesses it serves.

With the approval of the council, Forest City has begun the bidding process on changing over the overhead line system to an underground power line system. Electrical Department Manager Duane Kuhn told KIOW News:

Kuhn told KIOW News that the changeover warnings will e made to give people plenty of advance notice especially if health issues are at stake such as oxygen:

The project involves several homes, a lot of digging, and connecting to the homes from the underground lines. We asked Kuhn what the streets were that would be affected by the changeover:

The council will look to receive bids on the work until August 25th. The council will then open the bids, hold a public forum, and then approve the contractor for the work.