Pat Thilges Joins Growing Network of Independent Syngenta Seed Advisors

Syngenta has announced that it is partnering with Pat Thilges in Britt, Iowa to deliver seed solutions to growers that include high-yielding GoldenHarvest®brand corn and NK®brand soybeans, as well as innovative trait technologies like the Agrisure®family of traits and proprietary seed treatments.

“In order to provide growers with the strong hybrid and variety seed products they need to deliver top yields, we work closely with our Syngenta Seed Advisors to ensure they have the necessary resources,” Brendan Shaw, Syngenta Account Development Representative, said. “It really comes down to the combination of Pat’s strong agronomic background and our ability to provide growers access to high-performing genetics and leading trait technologies.”

“Pat was heavily recruited for his second-to-none customer service and willingness to go the extra mile for each and every customer regardless of their order size,” Shaw said. “Selling a competitive seed brand previously, Pat chose to become a Syngenta Seed Advisor not only to grow his business but to help his customers grow more corn and soybeans.”

Thilges will offer Golden Harvest corn hybrids and NK soybean varieties that deliver proven performance to meet the needs of growers and the changing ways they produce crops.  As a Syngenta Seed Advisor, Thilges is committed to helping farmers grow more corn and soybeans.