RAGBRAI Comes To An End in Guttenburg

Hundreds of bicyclists rode to the edge of the Mississippi River for the end of their trek across the entire state of Iowa on Saturday. The ride made several stops along the way including through Forest City. For several bikers, it was a great adventure that they want to do again next year and thereafter.

Many of the bikers who participated did not take the entire route, but for those that did, there was a unique beauty to the state that they were able to take in and enjoy.

The ride ended in an area known as Strawberry Hill which skirts right along the river. It is an annual tradition to mark the end of the ride by dipping tires into the river or in some cases ride right into it.

The ride was not without tragedy as three riders lost their lives either through health related deaths or traffic related incidents. Organizers will review these issues and discuss what measures can be taken next year to avert at least the traffic deaths.

There has been no announcement yet as to the RAGBRAI route for next year. Organizers were very happy with the hospitality of the cities and towns along the way this year.