Evening Activities at the Hancock County Fair Include Free Concert

The Hancock County Fair has evening festivities that for the most part are free and full of family activities. The evening starts with “America’s Got Talent” star Dan Kirk who will put on a juggling exhibition featuring all kinds of items he will use. Kirk has already done three shows and will have more shows tomorrow. Loggers will sculpt statues with chainsaws beginning at 5pm. So far today, they have sculpted bears, eagles, and various animals. The sculptures are for sale and can be taken home on the day of. Morgan Kahler will take the Free Stage beginning at 6:30pm. She sings a variety of formats and works the crowd for every performance. Kahler will follow the announcement of the Bucket of Junk winners. The famous demolition derby known as “All Out Destruction” begins at 7pm. The event will take place at the Grandstand. THe event will also featuring racing which includes a “the David Hueneman Memorial $500 Dash For Cash” Bus Race. Admission is $15 for Adults, kids who are ages 5-12 are $5, and children under 4 years old are free. The evening will end with a free concert featuring Randy and the Classics in the Tent by the Ag Museum. All ages are welcome as the band plays all kinds of classics in both rock and country. The concert is expected to go until midnight.