King Calls on Border Governors to Deploy National Guard to Secure Border (Audio)

Congressman Steve King released the following statement after introducing a resolution calling upon the border state Governors to deploy their National Guard units immediately to seal the border:

“There is nothing in President Obama’s $3.7 billion request that secures our border,” said King. “Even thought this President has the power to close the border, I know that he never will. In fact he refuses to do so. The American people must understand that this surge in illegals coming across our border is a presidential-caused crisis. This President’s lawless actions such as DACA have caused this nightmare. These actions clearly demonstrate that he is not bound by the Constitution and will not take seriously his obligation to defend our sovereign borders.


This crisis is devastating our communities and putting the burden on American taxpayers.  Right now there is an incentive for illegal’s to continue to pour across our border, and the only way to discourage them is to seal our border and send them back. Therefore we call upon the southern border Governors to call up their National Guard units to secure the border. This resolution also commits the United States House to funding the states for the cost of securing our border. These are the only supplemental appropriations the House should be considering.”

King told KIOW News Director A. J. Taylor: