The Once and Future Mayor of Corwith

The City Council of Corwith has made its decision on its new mayor and he is no stranger to the post. Jay Gourley served as mayor of the city of 212 residents until June 30th when he resigned. By city charter, the council had the option to appoint a new mayor without the need for a city wide special election. None of the councilmembers at the meeting nominated wither themselves or another member except for Dave Wagner. The council agreed with his self nomination and put the former mayor back into the role. Wagner succeeds the 10 and a half year veteran of the post in Gourley. Wagner will continue in the post until elections come around in 2015 where he could file as a candidate for the post.

As for Wagner’s post on the council, the members will have to look into the community for someone willing to take the job. Those discussions will take place at the next council meeting.

As for residents within the city limits of Corwith, they can and do have the final say in the matter. After any post is filled on the council or with the mayor, residents have 14 days to challenge the appointment from the date it filled. So far, there have been no objections.