Winnebago Task Force to Hear About TIPS Training

The July meeting of the Winnebago Co. Task Force will be held today at Shooters in Forest City. Come and hear about the results of the TIPS training in Winnebago County and other Counties so far (not done with the trainings yet.). Officials presented to the Rotary on the 17th of June and they will relate what was said and how they responded. Officials want to know how can they can leverage this exposure into something more. They are also asking what other groups in the county need to hear about the Winnebago Task Force. They want officials from those groups to bring some kind of contact information if they are connected (however remotely) to any potential audience.

   Two counties in the North Iowa Area are having Marijuana Lunch and Learns for Business to prepare those businesses to respond to the liberalization of Marijuana laws in this and other states. Organizers want to know if the public wants the coalition to pursue that.
   The Winnebago County Task Force is now listed on the Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center’s coalition directory. Officials want to know what’s that going to do and how do they capitalize on that?
  Officials want the public to keep the coalition moving forward. They say that public opinions, connections and experience are what allows the coalition to guide the community toward a safer, healthier, and more profitable Winnebago County.