Wesley’s Zeitler Goes to Court Tomorrow

On July 21st, 2013, Andrew Zeitler of Wesley is alleged to have shot Dustin Kiefer of Wesley in what investigators termed as a fight between the two men. Kiefer was taken to the hospital for treatment sustained from the shooting while Zeitler was charged with attempted murder.

The court case has faced a number of continuances and was finally moved  to O’Brien County because Zeitler’s attorneys felt he would not get a fair trial near Wesley. Now the court in Primghar has set two dates for the case to be resolved. The first is a plea negotiation date of July 1st. That deadline is to allow for attorneys on both sides to reach a deal before the case goes to trial on the second date of July 8th. The court would then select jurors for the case which would open on the 8th.

Court records indicate that Zeitler will stand by his not guilty plea saying that he was intoxicated and that the shooting was in self defense. The prosecution is arguing otherwise.