Fuller Ride Comes to Forest City

There are two major bike rides that are scheduled for Forest City this year. The one that everyone is gearing up for including a meeting tonight at the Forest City High School Auditorium for volunteers is RAGBRAI. Another one made its way through without all the pomp and circumstance of RAGBRAI and it is the  Fuller Center Bike Adventure.

On Thursday, 33 bicyclists made their way into town. They were part of a caravan of cyclists who are riding a nine day run from Chicago to Sioux Falls. The actual ride begins in Atlantic City, New Jersey and ends in Astonia, Oregon. Some of the riders are actually making the entire run cross country. They have been on the road since June 5th and will continue to the end of the run expected to be on August 10th.

What makes this ride so unique is that the riders actually stop at Fuller Center locations and help rebuild vacant homes. This is so that they can be habitable again and more often than not, they are. Supplies and equipment don’t ride with the bikers. A trailer is pulled along by car to provide needed materials.

The route is determined each year by locations where Fuller Center projects are underway and the safest and fastest routes to get to them.