Sunday Conversation with Senator Charles Grassley (Audio)

Sir, do you think will be the outcome of the Hobby Lobby decision will be overturned if it is found that the company invested in other companies who go against religious beliefs?

Concerning the Affordable Care Act. The director of a hospital has made a comment that he is seeing a 2% reduction in revenue as a direct result of the act. Was this something that Congress knew would happen and are you hearing the same from other hospitals?

Are you in favor of Iowa creating a debt forgiveness program on student loans. Other states have begun the process and have implemented them. What are your thoughts?

The controversy surrounding renewable fuels such as E85, ethanol, and the like that it is harmful to the environment, or it is helpful, it costs too much  to make or it is cheaper to make are confusing the American public. What do you see as the truth and how can the accurate message get out to the public?