Grass Clipping Issues Persist in Belmond

As if all of the announcements and warnings weren’t enough, now city officials in Belmond are running across persistent individuals who drive to the grass and lawn dump site in Belmond before the location opens for drop offs at 4pm. Officials with the city council are now wrangling with the issues because the sewage treatment plant is undergoing construction. This puts sonstruction workers in danger there because of the traffic from people bring grass clippings and yard waste to the adjacent dump site.

Several members on the council want to see better signage for the area in hopes of alleviating the heavy traffic volume while construction workers are trying to get the sewer treatment plant done in time. Officials with the city council want to possibly add larger signage stating the hours when grass clippings and yard waste can be dropped off. The council tabled the matter so that city officials could come up with a plan to solve the problem. if the council simply closed off the dump site altogether, it may cause a problem in that residents may start dumping grass clippings at random locations which is what the city is trying to avoid.

It is expected that at the next council meeting, the members will decide to pursue a larger sign explaining the hours of operation for the drop off site. Presently, residents can only drop off clippings after 4pm each day, because that is when the construction workers will not be on site.