U. S. Meat Export Federation Holds Meeting in Kansas City (Audio)

The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) press conference was held Friday in Kansas City. In that meeting, the panelists and governing body discussed the impact that foreign trade is having on the meat produced in the United States. The panelists were:
Mark Jagels, USMEF chairman, Davenport, Nebraska Philip Seng, USMEF president and CEO, Denver, Colorado Joel Haggard, USMEF senior vice president, Asia Pacific (based in Hong Kong) John Brook, USMEF regional director, Europe, Russia and the Middle East (based in Brussels) Chad Russell, USMEF regional director, Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic (based in Mexico City).

The press conference opened with USMEF Chairman Mark Jagels addressing the media:

Afterwards, President and CEO Philips Seng discussed his thoughts on export and trade:

Then U. S. Meat Export Federation Senior Vice President Joel Haggard gave the audience his take on the situation and took questions from the audience. Haggard is based out of Hong Kong:

John Brook, who is based out of Brussles and represents Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, reflected on the questions posed to Haggard and also gave the audience a view a European perspective on the trade issue:

Finally Chad Russell, who represents the Dominican Republic, Central America, and Mexico regions discussed exports to those regions of the world:

Finally the panel concluded their discussion with a second question and answer session from the audience.