Hancock Supervisors Resume Health Care Plan Discussion Today

After learning of their health care provider allegedly illegally charging money on top of the regular premiums, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors will again take up the discussion of health insurance for county employees. Discussion will center around the Iowa Governmental Health Care Plan program and if the county has genuine interest in the program.

Hancock County Conservation Director Cale Edwards is expected to meet with the board around 8:45am to discuss payroll changes for summer help in the Conservation Department. He will also discuss with the board a resolution on noxious weed notices and whether the board should go ahead and approve having the notices this year.

The board will then take up with the county engineer a Iowa Department of Transportation detour agreement on U. S. 69 Highway involving a road closure for work on 330th street. The road is slated to get work done this summer and the board needs to make sure that the detour plan is suitable and workable without involving gravel or secondary roads.

The Hancock County Supervisors will meet in the Supervisors Boardroom beginning at 9am today.