Here’s the latest Campaign 2016 Coverage from CBS News:

During a rally in Cincinatti Thursday, President-Elect Donald Trump announced his pick for defense secretary, retired Marine Gen. James Mattis. CBS News senior political editor Steve Chaggaris and Washington Post national reporter Elise Viebeck spoke to CBSN about the pick and the Trump transition.
After President-elect Donald Trump's deal to save some Carrier jobs from moving to abroad, Jaime Rodriguez, governer of the state of Nuevo, said in an interview "The U.S. is not the world." CBSN anchor Reena Ninan has the full quote.
Tempers flare as Clinton's communications director accuses Trump team of giving white supremacists a "platform" during campaign
Kellyanne Conway, President-elect Donald Trump's senior transition adviser, joins "CBS This Morning" from Harvard's campus to discuss Thursday night's heated forum discussion with Clinton strategists, Mr. Trump's Carrier deal and potential Cabinet picks, including the still-open post for secretary of state.
President-elect Donald Trump returned to campaign mode in Ohio at his first victory rally since winning the election. Mr. Trump renewed some of his most popular campaign promises, thanking his supporters and mocking his critics. He also surprised the crowd by revealing his choice for secretary of defense: retired Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis. Major Garrett reports.
A confrontation between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's campaign strategists shows the bitterness of the election has not faded. The two sides faced off Thursday night at a Harvard University forum held every four years. It’s usually a respectful look back at the campaign, but the meeting descended into an argument. Nancy Cordes reports.
"CBS Evening News" anchor Scott Pelley spoke with House Speaker Paul Ryan for this Sunday's "60 Minutes." The congressman and president-elect Donald Trump were often at odds during the campaign, but the speaker says they've moved on from their public attacks and talk on the phone nearly every day. Pelley joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss Ryan's agenda for Obamacare, tax reform and immigration.
Comedian Mo Amer says he had a largely pleasant discussion with the son of the president-elect
Donald Trump's pick for secretary of defense has employed some colorful language during his decades in the Marine Corps
The president-elect praised President Nazarbayev, a despot who has ruled Kazakhstan for nearly three decades
The top Trump adviser discusses her feud with Clinton aides, the deal with Carrier, and the public fight over Trump's secretary of state
President-elect Trump spoke in his first post-election rally in Ohio, kicking off his "Thank You" tour. In addition to thanking the crowd, he touched on many of his themes from the campaign trail. CBSN political contributor and Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez and Politico White House reporter Tara Palmeri join CBSN to discuss the rally.
President-elect Donald Trump spoke to a crowd in Ohio in his first rally since winning the election-and announced his pick for secretary of defense. CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett joins CBSN with the latest on Trump's Cabinet and "Thank You" tour.
James "Mad Dog" Mattis may face roadblocks to confirmation in the Senate
President-elect Donald Trump announced at a rally in Cincinnati that he will appoint Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis to secretary of defense.
Former secretary of defense commends Donald Trump’s pick to head the Pentagon but offers one note of caution
VP-elect Mike Pence spoke with Scott Pelley about what to expect from the Trump administration
In an interview to air Sunday on 60 Minutes, Scott Pelley asked Speaker of the House Paul Ryan about his onetime contentious relationship with the president-elect. Ryan said that the two are on good terms and are moving forward. See the full interview this Sunday.
Trump's Ohio victory address is his first post-election rally, and he didn't skimp of the rhetorical fireworks
If put in charge of the Veterans' Administration, the 2012 GOP nominee could use his unique skill set to save lives