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Order remains in effect while state's lawsuit works its way through the courts
Bus carrying 14 senior citizens back from a church retreat got into head-on collision with a pickup truck
“The song is about an American dream of some sort,” McLean said, but wouldn't get into specifics
Everett, Washington, is suing Purdue Pharma for "recklessly" supplying OxyContin to "suspicious" physicians and pharmacies
House speaker also discusses health care, Trump and more in sit-down with Norah O'Donnell today on "CBS This Morning"
Intelligence Committee chairman says panel is "weeks away" from finishing its evaluation of thousands of documents
CBS News survey also covers president's handling of health care bill and probe of possible links between Trump associates and Russia
If you want to leave, EU says, take your share of the family debt with you -- and the settlement could cost Britain up to $60 billion
Some Brownsville residents say the nearly $1 billion for the first part of the wall would be better spent elsewhere
Pictures from above show players jumping, dunking and taking shots during March Madness
What surprised "60 Minutes" producers who reported on "stories that are provably false" -- and why arguing about it "is like going down the rabbit hole"
Enjoy the gorgeous explosions of blooming flowers across the country as spring 2017 arrives.
It's not just babies and animals, but there's a healthy dose of that, too
The ever-youthful Amazon princess - one of the most iconic and inspiring comic book superheroes ever - wields her super powers in “man’s world” to fight for justice and gender equality
From "sexy" mugshots to a smiling arsonist, Crimesider presents a collection of the most outrageous mug shots