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Former Republican U.S. Sen. Robert Bennett died Wednesday from complications due to pancreatic cancer and a recent stroke, according to a statement from his family.
A routine visit to Target turned into a viral video that has led dozens of women to come forward with troubling stories about the same man.
A man who went into multiple Michigan grocery stores and sprayed a poisonous mixture on open food is in custody, according to the FBI.

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Year-round swimming weather and a decent poolside fish taco are good enough perks at many hotel pools in and around Los Angeles.
Free agent NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel turned himself in to police in Highland Park, Texas, on Wednesday and was booked on misdemeanor assault charges, said Lt. Lance Koppa with the Highland Park Department of Public Safety.
Fans continue to mourn the loss of music legend Prince as state and federal officials piece together his final days.
An Australian ISIS recruiter who called on his countrymen to "start attacking before they attack you" has died in a U.S. airstrike.

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California has passed legislation raising its smoking age from 18 to 21 for most of its citizens.
Everyone said it wouldn't happen. Everyone was wrong.

A once unthinkable idea is now the Republican Party's new political reality: Donald Trump is its presumptive presidential nominee.
Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee, it's time to start looking at general election match-ups between him and the likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.
Donald Trump's campaign is scrambling to ramp up its planning for the general election, including scraping together a list of potential vice presidential candidates.
The sound of loudspeakers blaring at 6 a.m. is something I've come to expect when traveling to the North Korean capital. The citywide alarm signals the beginning of each new workday. But on this particular morning, the wake-up call went off an hour earlier -- at 5.
It is mathematically impossible for Bernie Sanders to win enough delegates to secure the Democratic nomination, but he could still collect enough to deny Clinton the nomination before Philadelphia.
Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump faces all the familiar problems that previous GOP standard bearers have confronted over the last six cycles: awful numbers among young voters, women, Latinos and African-Americans.

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Chris Bosh was fired up Tuesday night.
Several leaders of a notorious nationwide gang were charged in sweeping federal indictments unsealed Wednesday in Atlanta and Memphis.

Cell phone video shows a plane traveling from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Plainville, Connecticut, break apart in mid-air near Syosset, New York. CNN affiliate News 12 Long Island has more.
An Australian woman has given birth to a baby boy weighing 13 pounds 2 ounces or 5.8kg, making him one of the heaviest babies ever born in Western Australia. Seven Network reports.

Donald Trump on Wednesday said John Kasich is "doing the right thing" by dropping out of the presidential race, adding that he is interested in vetting the Ohio governor as a potential running mate.
A North Carolina reptile enthusiast calls 911 as he drives himself to the hospital after being bit by his pet king cobra snake. CNN affiliate WTVD reports.

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Toby Neugebauer made headlines last year by donating $10 million to a pro-Ted Cruz super PAC.

A U.S. Navy SEAL was killed in Iraq as a result of a "coordinated and complex attack" by roughly 100 ISIS fighters nearly 30 kilometers north of Mosul, Pentagon officials confirmed Tuesday.
David Bowie fans get a new treat when a fan discovered a hidden side to the "Blackstar" vinyl album.

Sen. John McCain's son Jack called out social media critics of an Old Navy ad featuring an interracial couple.
Meet Hong Hong. He's almost 4 months old, lives in China and has 31 fingers and toes.
Former Olympian Amy Van Dyken-Rouen said Monday she was humiliated when subjected to a full-body pat-down by a Transportation Security Administration officer at Denver International Airport.

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What is it about air travel that brings out the worst in us? We squabble for space in the overhead compartment and on the armrest. Some passengers have even been caught kicking each other and screaming at the flight crew, as YouTube videos bear witness.
Want to get naked while getting dinner in London?
A new mobile game, Sea Hero Quest, tracks spatial awareness among users. Doctors will use data to help diagnose dementia early.
Hidden deep within the black innards of a South African cave lay human evolution's equivalent of Tutankhamun's tomb. Here lay a treasure trove of 15 skeletons -- eight children, five adults and two adolescents -- all members of a previously unknown species of human ancestor.

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Researchers believe they have found the wreckage of the HMS Endeavour, vessel of legendary British explorer, James Cook.

President Obama starred in a video skit taking a look at different options for his future retirement life.
Take a look at some of the best selfies taken in the month of April.