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The report, commissioned by the American Bar Association, called him a "libel bully" and "a loser" -- here's why the lawyers association decided not to publish it
A new survey found Clinton leads among young white, black, Asian-Americans and Hispanic voters
CBS News elections director Anthony Salvanto joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the latest poll numbers in battleground states and the impact of early voting in states like Texas
Trump's campaign launches a nightly show on his Facebook page in an effort to circumvent what they consider the “dishonest media”
While reluctant at first to draw too much attention to her gender, the Democratic nominee has made women's issues a key part of her closing argument
With just 2 weeks left to campaign, Clinton's backers know how vital African-American vote could be in North Carolina -- and they're going after it
Voters across the country are growing skeptical of corruption in Washington and the potential of a rigged election this November
Terry McAuliffe's PAC donated generously to Jill McCabe's state senate run while her husband, an FBI official, helped oversee probe into Clinton's use of a private server
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