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If confirmed to be from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, could a small portion of plane wing discovered on an Indian Ocean island be the clue investigators need to unlock one of aviation's biggest mysteries?
A police officer who was shot during a traffic stop in Memphis died at a hospital later, Tennessee authorities said early Sunday.
Astronomers for the first time have spotted an aurora outside of our solar system.
Astronomers have confirmed the discovery of the nearest rocky planet outside of our solar system.
Could life on Earth have been kick-started by a comet strike? A startling discovery by the Rosetta comet-chasing mission has added fresh evidence to suggest that it is possible.
A group of 1,000 Italian Foo Fighters fans banded together to entice the rockers to play a gig in Cesena. CNN's Natalie Allen has more.
Sixty-one years ago Thursday -- on July 30, 1954 -- 19-year-old Elvis Presley made his first live, professional appearance at a concert in Memphis, Tennessee. A new book from Taschen, "Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll," brings together photos from legendary photographer Alfred Wertheimer.
As top GOP presidential candidates arrived at an Oceanside hotel here to court the influential donors of the Koch network, Charles Koch called on retreat attendees to unite with him in a campaign against "corporate welfare" and "irresponsible spending" by both political parties.
A Florida man was shot to death in front of his family in an apparent road rage incident captured on 911 recordings.
The watchful eye of a mother can be hard to escape, which is why a group of mothers are banding together each day to walk the streets of a Chicago neighborhood that's rife with violence. They wear bright pink T-shirts that read "Moms on Patrol" because they want to do more than watch; they want to be seen.
Zion Harvey just wanted to swing from the monkey bars.
A close aide of Hillary Clinton is disputing she was overpaid almost $10,000 when she left the State Department and is asking its inspector general to reassess its findings, her lawyers told CNN.
Heavy monsoon rains in the past month have left at least 27 people dead and displaced more than 150,000 others in Myanmar, the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said Saturday.
The current degree of death and destruction in the Middle East is reason enough to assess the first Iraq war, which was launched 25 years ago this Sunday. But any assessment of the ultimate impact of that conflict cannot be completed without looking at its sequel, the invasion of Iraq by the "Coalition of the Willing," in then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's words, in 2003. Because that sequel unleashed the current devastation.
As members of Congress debate whether to back the deal over Iran's nuclear program, one source of support seems guaranteed -- China. It's one of the biggest winners in the agreement, with the lifting of sanctions as Iran pulls back key elements of its enrichment program set to allow Beijing to deepen its historic partnership with Tehran. While China is undoubtedly eyeing the potential economic benefits, Beijing also likely sees an opportunity to challenge U.S. influence in the Middle East.
Kraft is recalling 36,000 cases of individually-wrapped cheese singles because part of the wrapper could become a choking hazard.
The number of deaths in the New York City Legionnaires' disease outbreak is up to four.
Snoop Dogg left Italy $205,000 lighter on Saturday after police seized money from him at an airport in Calabria.
Actor Ian McShane is joining hit HBO series "Game of Thrones," the network confirmed Saturday morning.
Josh Newell leaped over a Columbus Zoo barrier to pet a cougar, now he will find himself caged. CNN affiliate WBNS reports.
A man sees something looking back at him when he attempts to squish a bug. CNN affiliate KATU reports.
Trying to be a helping hand cost two members of a Montana family their lives and left their daughter wounded. CNN affiliate KULR has the report.
Man appears to lift car with bare hands. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the bicyclist-turned-Incredible Hulk.
The golden jackals found in Africa, Europe the Middle East and Asia have long been considered the same species, thanks to their physical features and behavior.
A bumpy landing was caught on camera as a KLM flight touched down in Amsterdam.
Michael Smerconish gives his predictions for Trump's next big moves.
An Orthodox Jew who stabbed marchers at a Jerusalem gay pride parade 10 years ago launched another knife attack at the same type of parade in the same city Thursday, stabbing and wounding six people who were on the streets for the event, police said.
Donald Trump is at the top of recent polls of GOP voters. And he's also the most popular among GOP women. He got 15% support to Jeb Bush's 15% support in the CNN/ORC poll released July 26.
A newly developed vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus is "highly effective" and could help prevent its spread in the current and future outbreaks, the World Health Organization said Friday.
Earlier this week the remains of dozens of Marines who battled the Japanese during World War II were finally returned to the U.S. CNN's Jake Tapper reports.
California has been battling wildfires as its historic drought reaches a fourth year.
Take a look at CNN's best feature photography from July 25 through July 31.
A deadly albino cobra stunned residents at a luxury apartment complex, before being captured by police officers. CNN affiliate KTRK reports.
A police body cam captures a mother's reaction to finding out she had left her toddler in a hot van in Oklahoma. CNN's Andrew Spencer reports.
Nick Pellett talks to CNN Style about racing the oldest car at the Silverstone Classic his 1914 Sunbeam. Driving the car is a challenge in itself.
A 911 dispatcher hung up on a caller who was reporting that her friend was shot -- an action that the Albuquerque fire chief called "unforgivable." The shooting victim eventually died. CNN affiliate KOAT reports.
Dog owners in Iowa posted Facebook pictures of their pooch, who became an Internet sensation for his not-so-happy facial expression. KWQC has the story.
The U.S. government has "very recent indications" that "Jihadi John" -- the notorious hooded ISIS executioner seen in violent hostage beheading videos -- is alive. CNN's Barbara Starr has more.
Seth Penalver dropped to the floor and wept into his chair when a Florida jury declared him not guilty in the shooting deaths of three people during a 1994 home invasion.
Two UK police officers were able to subdue a knife-wielding man with only batons and pepper-spray while responding to a domestic incident.
Parents break through a window of a Houston, Texas daycare after they find their infant son locked inside and alone.
Hot off of a record 126 Emmy nominations, HBO programming chief Michael Lombardo took the Television Critics Association summer press tour stage Thursday to a deluge of questions.
Megan Everett fled with her daughter, leaving behind a note. The child's father is searching. "The Hunt with John Walsh," Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CNN.
How is it already almost the end of summer?
Every 10 minutes, a randomly targeted shell explodes, rattling the windows and doors in Aden's city center. Once a bustling port in Yemen, Aden has been reduced to rubble, ravaged by the incessant shelling of the Houthi militia that has the city surrounded.
In 2010, the Guinness Book of World Records named the plastic bag the "most ubiquitous consumer item" in the world, with trillions made every year.