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With his trademark Boston accent, and casual delivery, he's been praised as one of the most distinctive comedy voices in the country
"I want to make a great superhero film, not a great woman superhero film," she says
G7 leaders declare the U.S. is "not in a position to join the consensus" around the accord
"We're not going to comment on Jared," one said in response to a report that Kushner wanted to set up secret communications with Russia
The president will be presented with a range of options for responding to the Russia investigation, sources tell CBS News
Bill Zwicharowski is being investigated for offering to show Pentagon officials Glenn's remains
Cameron County is increasing its efforts at mosquito control and public education, and sharing what it's learned
This week, the search for words of hope led many back deep into their childhood -- to Mr. Rogers' neighborhood, of all places
NASA's Juno spacecraft has sent back extraordinary images of the distant planet and its moons
Take a peek at the upcoming World of Avatar
Remember when asking someone to prom required only a passed note, a quick conversation or a phone call? Well, that's not the case anymore
Parents were among those killed when suicide bomber attacked Ariana Grande concert -- including some who died with their children
Concertgoers fled in panic after explosion at U.K.'s Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande show
From pizza making to photography, the classes at the Cook County Jail help inmates view their world differently