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Blue Stars 3

Blue Stars to Perform “Thank You Concert” Tonight (Audio and Video)

Blue Stars to Perform “Thank You Concert” Tonight (Audio and Video)

This year marked the third consecutive year that the Blue Stars Drums Corps practiced at Waldorf College.  They were holding extensive practice sessions to prepare their competitive show for tour. Chris Ward of Waldorf College explains why the group was here and what they are trying to accomplish: The Blue Stars practiced from approximately 8:00 in the morning


Festival of Brass Moves to Forest City (Audio)

North Iowa will once again hear and enjoy the thunder of drums and the power or the brass as the North Iowa Festival of Brass moves from Mason City to Forest City. The event is planned for August 1st at 7pm at the Forest City High School Stadium. The competitive event between nine drum corps will feature the

Winnebago County

Winnebago County Board to Meet Today

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet this morning at 9am to discuss Drainage District #5 and possible improvements to the area. They will also focus on Laterals 5 and 14 on what can be done to clean up or fix them. Eric Guth, who is the Winnebago County Internet Technologies Director will cover

FC School District

Forest City School Board to Meet Tonight

The Forest City Community School District Board of Directors will go into session tonight with several items on the agenda and a public hearing. The meeting will open with a public hearing on the appropriate use of the school district computers, computer network systems, and internet. The board is looking for public input on what is

Northwood Council Discuss Streets and Sidewalk Repairs

The city council of Northwood has opened discussion on repairs to both roads and sidewalks within city limits. The council is focusing on three different projects. The first is the decorative bricks that form the city’s historic sidewalks. The second is the parking lot to the east of City Hall. The third is the Stromstein

Norseman Trucking

Norseman Drivers Get Better Incentives (Audio)

Norseman Trucking of Lake Mills has announced a pay scale change for its employees, especially the truck drivers. They have begun to look at the industry and are trying to remain competitive, especially in a job pool that is increasingly shrinking. That’s why finding quality over the road truck drivers is very hard to do

Iowa State Fair

Iowa State Fair Sew-In Seeks Donations, Volunteers

The Iowa State Fair Fabric and Threads Department is seeking fabric donations and volunteers for the fifth annual State Fair Sew-In. The free program offers Fairgoers a chance to try their hand at simple sewing and quilting while providing warm blankets to local children in need. “Nothing Compares” to the Iowa State Fair, set August

Drainage District Issues Face Worth Supervisors Monday

The Worth County Board of Supervisors will meet Monday morning beginning at 9 am to discuss drainage issues and verify election results from last Tuesday. The meeting will take place at the Worth County Courthouse. The board will first hear about road maintenance from the County Engineer. He will talk about repair issues with gravel