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FC City Hall

Forest City Council To Offer New Police Chief Position

Forest City Council To Offer New Police Chief Position

The Forest City Council will meet Monday at 7pm to approve Council Minutes from their last meeting as well as accept Board & Committee Minutes from their various committees and boards. Those boards include the Historic Preservation Commission, the Oakland Municipal Cemetery Board , and the Park Board. The council will then approve invoices issued


Dove Season Opener Recap

Iowa’s dove hunting season continues to increase in popularity as judged by busy wildlife areas with full parking lots and empty store shelves where dove loads were once on display. Reports from the field found hunter use of food plots on public land nearly all positive with the only complaints that there weren’t more opportunities


Opening Weekend Look-back at Special September Teal Season

Busy Saturday; slower on Sunday. With the best yet to come? That pretty well describes the opening weekend of Iowa’s early teal season and a peek into the next few days. “Some hunters had their limit in 15 minutes…others did not do as well,” reviewed Orrin Jones, DNR waterfowl biologist.  “That cold front just ahead


Fish and Wildlife Seeks Public Comment on Hunting Plan

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is seeking public comment on a draft Hunt Plan addressing the opening of newly acquired properties within the Northern Tallgrass Prairie National Wildlife Refuge located in western Minnesota and northwestern Iowa. The accompanying Environmental Assessment examines the cumulative impact of the refuge’s public hunting program and ensures the

Clear Lake 2

Boating Accident Results in OWI Conviction

A 29-year-old man who authorities say slammed a boat into a public dock on Clear Lake has pleaded guilty to boating while intoxicated. William Nicholas of Clear Lake pleaded guilty on Monday. Authorities say four people were hospitalized and six others were hurt in the August 3rd accident. On August 4th, KIOW News reported a


Non-Credit Welding Course Offered at NIACC

In response to the high demand for production welders in the area, North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) is offering a 45–hour, non-credit Production Welding course. This course, which is being offered again due to high demand, will provide participants with the skills necessary for entry level manufacturing welding with the Gas Metal Arc Welding

Child Care 2

Bullying is Not Just a Playground Thing

With the recent successful meetings in Lake Mills to discuss how to handle bullying, parents there and elsewhere should remember that bullying is no longer a behavior that happens mostly on the playground or the school bus. Social media is providing online channels for negative interactions between children, with more than half of teens reporting