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Tom Vilsack, U. S. Agricultural Secretary

Vilsack Urging Iowa Landfills to Bury Bird Carcases

Vilsack Urging Iowa Landfills to Bury Bird Carcases

U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack is urging Iowa landfill operators to bury many of the birds that have been killed in poultry barns where avian flu has been detected. Avian flu has been confirmed or suspected at more than 50 poultry operations in Iowa, impacting more than 20 million turkeys and chickens. Iowa is the

Some Iowa Farmers Upset with Government’s Bird Flu Response

Iowa farmers who have been dealing with thousands of dead chickens attracting flies for weeks are frustrated with the government’s response to the ongoing bird flu outbreak. The Des Moines Register reports several chicken and turkey farmers expressed their concerns at public meetings in northwest Iowa Saturday. Merlin DeGroot says he’s waiting for government crews

Winnebago 3

Winnebago Rally Grounds Will Host Operation LZ

Winnebago Industries, Inc. will help host Operation LZ, a welcome home event for Vietnam veterans in Forest City, Iowa. The Winnebago Rally Grounds will serve as the host location for a traveling Vietnam Wall War Memorial display and other key activities associated with Operation LZ as well as onsite camping accommodations. Winnebago values the sacrifices


Winnebago Supervisors to Discuss Security

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet Tuesday morning  at 9am to discuss the resolution to amend and restate electronic transactions 28E agreement. The board will then discuss the structure of the Risk Management and Safety Committee. The board is looking to review suggestions and recommendations and then make final determinations on the committee. The board