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Klemme Sewer Service Charge Increase Scrutinized

Klemme Sewer Service Charge Increase Scrutinized

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has informed the Klemme City Council that improvements have to be made to the lagoon system by February 2017. Otherwise, the city will be in violation of the DNR discharge requirements and be ineligible for permits. Now, Klemme city officials have put together an ordinance that increases the sewer


Garner City Council Moves Forward on Street Closures

The streets of Garner will be closed in spots on July 12th. That’s because the North Iowa Touring Club’s Family Fun Bicycle Ride will take place and the streets will be cornered off for them. The city council approved a variance for that day only so that the event can take place in tandem with

Chicken 1

Rabbit and Poultry Workshop Scheduled

The Worth County Extension Service will hold a 4-H poultry and rabbit workshop on Saturday, April 26, at the Worth County Extension Office in Northwood at 10am. The meeting will cover information on feeding and growing broiler market chickens and how to provide proper housing and care for 4-H project members’ birds. There will also be an

Pig Farming

Local Hog Farmers Benefit From Swine Day

Local hog producers have worries enough with the recent outbreaks of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, food safety, animal welfare and biosecurity. While none of these cases has been reported publicly on the local level, the concerns remain. These issues and others will be some of the pressing topics covered June 26 at the third annual Iowa Swine Day at Iowa

Larry Luker Memorial Industrial Park

Warehouse Site Plan Clears Zoning

Even though the city of Clear Lake will still not reveal who the Fortune 500 company is who will occupy the space at Larry Luker Memorial Industrial Park, the Planning and Zoning Commission has given the OK 340,000 square foot facility plans. what possibly impressed the commission the most was that the plans call for


St. Ansgar Schedules Veteran Heritage Day

Organizers want to remind everyone of a very special day in St. Ansgar. It is the Veteran Heritage Day and ill be Saturday April 26th. the event will be centered at the Ansgar American Legion and start around 8:30am. The event will showcase the American veteran and will be complete with a polka band and

Central Spprings

Central Springs School Board Takes Action on Budget

After a public hearing on its 2014-15 school year budget revealed no objections, the Central Springs School Board voted in favor of it and will put it into effect beginning July 1st. The budget will have a tax levy rate of $12.20 per $1,000 of assessed valuation for former North Central School District residents and $10.77 per

Well Water

Winnebago Offering Free Well Testing

The Winnebago County Public Health Department has begun to check area water wells for contamination issues. The winter weather may have damaged the wells in ways that ordinary individuals may not see. The wells themselves could be infiltrated by different contaminants that can only be found through testing. Ron Kvale of the Winnebago County Public

Branstad 9

Branstad Speaks at the LMCDC Meeting

Governor Terry Branstad was in Lake Mills on Tuesday Night to meet with the Lake Mills Chamber Development Corporation and several of its officers. Branstad spoke on several issues including his relationship with the Chinese President who refers to Branstad as his old friend. One issue stood out for area farmers that Branstad highlighted in


Issues Still Plague Emergency Services Center Plans in Forest City

The new Emergency Services Center in Forest City has some lingering problems that Mason City architects have discovered and now compensated for. A soil borings survey done recently has revelaed that there is more sand dredged up naturally from the Winnebago River than originally thought. The result is that Skott and Anderson Architects of Mason