Winnebago Board Reviews Homeward Inc. Annual Request

Homeward Incorporated which is based out of Clarion and serves the lower income population recently approached Winnebago County about assisting in funding their program. The group is specifically looking at obtaining about $5,000 from each of the eleven counties it currently serves. This includes not only Winnebago, but Hancock, Worth, Palo Alto, Humboldt, and others. The concern centers […]

rassley Presses for Oversight of Housing Fund Amid Problems Including Widespread Abuse at Nevada Agency

Senator Chuck Grassley pressed the Treasury Department for better oversight of a $9.6 billion program meant to help homeowners who suffered during the housing crisis.  Amid the poor federal oversight, a Nevada state agency engaged in “widespread waste and abuse in spending” and “abused the Hardest Hit Fund with, seemingly, a sense of entitlement and […]