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Iowa / Minnesota Lotteries for Sunday

Iowa / Minnesota Lotteries for Sunday

These Iowa lotteries were drawn Sunday: Mega Millions Estimated jackpot: $51 million Pick Three-Evening 6-7-7, Fireball: 2 (six, seven, seven; Fireball: two) Pick Three-Midday 6-5-8, Fireball: 9 (six, five, eight; Fireball: nine) Pick Four-Evening 8-6-9-6, Fireball: 6 (eight, six, nine, six; Fireball: six) Pick Four-Midday 6-1-9-9, Fireball: 7 (six, one, nine, nine; Fireball: seven) Powerball

Lake Mills

Lake Mills City Council to Meet Tonight

The Lake Mills City Council will have a busy agenda tonight involving the approval of permits, contracts, and projects. The city will first look to approve the Class B Beer Permit and Sunday sales privileges for the Lake Mills Golf Center and Don’s Motor Mart on West Main street. Both are looking to also include the

Kanawha 1

Kanawha City Council Has Budget Meeting Tonight

The Kanawha City Council will meet tonight at the Kanawha City Council Chambers to approve a single license and discuss the fiscal year 2014-15.  The council will look into and then approve the application for a beer license for Pronto Convenience Store. They will also hear from the Kanawha reporter to be the official newspaper

Kristin Schue

NIACC Gallery Announces New Art Exhibit

North Iowa Area Community College Gallery is proud to present artwork by Kristin Schue, from St. Paul Minnesota. Schue uses collage combined with paint to create delicately rendered images. Her examination of nature, history, people, and storytelling fuels the narratives behind her layered mixed media and photographic works. A former University of Minnesota graduate of

FC City Hall

Forest City Council in Session Tonight

The Forest City Council will meet tonight at 7pm with a light agenda beginning with approval of licenses and permits that have been applied for followed by a review of the CDBG Downtown Façade Project. The city council will then look into approving the agreement in principle with Dairyland Power Cooperative. The council will then

Winnebago County

Winnebago County Board to Meet

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet today at 9am to discuss several key issues and review whether to move a meeting. The first order of business will be to appoint a representative to the NIACOG Board of Directors. Then the proposal has been forwarded to move the meeting on February 17 to Tuesday,

Worth Courthouse

Worth County Board of Supervisors to Meet

The Worth County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday to discuss and approve several items on the agenda. they will first meet with the County engineer on general topics and road maintenance. Drainage issues at several locations will be discussed and they will also meet with the Winnebago-Worth Betterment Corporation. Also meeting with the

Corn 4

Report: Less corn planting planned for 2014

Corn is the top crop for U.S. farmers but the golden luster has faded with much lower corn prices prompting many to consider switching to more soybeans this year.   A December survey of more than 1,600 producers by Farm Futures, an agriculture-focused publisher, indicated farmers intend to reduce corn planting 3 percent from last


Sides hone arguments in Minnesota Vikings stadium case

The government authority leading construction of the Minnesota Vikings stadium claims the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit to block it is trying to disrupt the project with “endless litigation” and is asking the state Supreme Court to shut him down. Parties to the lawsuit over the stadium project are submitting a last flurry of briefs


KIOW Midnight Magazine: Monday, January 20

History of Today: 1942 The Nazis adopted the “Final  Solution”  concerning the Jews at the Wannsee  Conference. 1964 Meet the Beatles was The Beatles first album released in  the United States. 1981 At nearly 70 years of age, President Reagan became the oldest  president to take office. 1986 Martin Luther King, Jr., day was  celebrated as