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KIOW Supports School Shoe Drive

KIOW and our sister station KHAM (B-103) are joining forces with the United Way of North Central Iowa in holding the fourth annual School Shoe Drive. the program will benefit area students who are returning to school and are in need of shoes. Many students in the area look for new shoes to go to

Northwood Sees Second Toddler Wandering Near Highway

For just the second time in as many months, another child was found wandering onto Highway 65 in the town of Northwood. The Worth County Sheriff’s Office spotted a little girl walking barefoot on Highway 65 Wednesday morning.They proceeded to pick her up and then the Worth County Sheriffs office sent out an alert to help identify the


City Council Continues to Table Library Expansion

On Monday, the Forest City Council once again tabled a discussion on the property directly behind the Forest City Public Library. The council is hearing discussion from two different fronts. The first is coming from Stephen and Tamara Sheehan who want to purchase the property. They disclosed to the council in April that they want


RAGBRAI Riders Depart for Mason City and Beyond

On a busy and early Wednesday morning, RAGBRAI riders made their way out of Forest City, under a giant U. S. Flag held up by a Forest City Fire Department Hook and Ladder Fire Truck, and through side streets to their next destination, Mason City. While some riders waited out the crowd of early riders, some

Fried Pickles

Chipolte Pickles Were on the Menu for RAGBRAI (Audio)

The thousands of bicycle riders who arrived in Forest City were treated to some interesting foods by several area vendors. Take for example Woody’s Pickle Shack who set up shop on the Courthouse lawn serving their specialty, the Chipolte Pickle Papa. Owner Eric Woodard explains.: And it tastes like…: Woody’s Pickle Shack was actually one

ragbrai rOUTE

RAGBRAI Riders Have Good Weather Ahead

The thousands of bicycle riders participating in this year’s RAGBRAI ride have faced the hottest temperatures of the summer so far. High temperatures on Monday and Tuesday reached into the 90s. The combination of heat and humidity drove the heat index – a measure of how hot the air feels – to above 100 degrees.


RAGBRAI Took Months of Planning (Audio)

As “RV There Yet?” comes to a close in Forest City and moves on to Mason City, organizers look back at the months of preparation that took place to get the event off of the ground. The event was announced back on January 25th of this year and organizers have been very busy since that