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Forest City Tables the Stray Dog Rescue Program For Now

Forest City Tables the Stray Dog Rescue Program For Now

As was reported by KIOW News two weeks ago, the city was approached by Allison Craft about possibly taking in stray dogs caught by the city. Craft had proposed the idea as a means of rescuing the animals instead of them being taken to a pound to be destroyed. The city assigned Police Chief Dan

Winnebago County

Winnebago County Board to Meet Today

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet today beginning at 9am to discuss the County Auditor’s Transfer of Funds and the offices quarterly report. This will be followed by discussion over the Recorders Quarterly Report. It will culminate in the setting a date for a public hearing on the 2013-14 budget amendment. The Supervisors plan


Belmond Water Main Issues Continue Today

After a warning was issued yesterday to all Belmond residents to curb water usage, many residents complied with the order while some were even forced to because of water main breaks. The city experienced two breaks over the weekend and a third on Monday morning as the lines are in receding frost levels in the


Garner City Council To Meet Tonight

The Garner City Council will convene today at the Garner City Hall to hear the Alliant Energy report which will be given by Jim Collins. They will also discuss a request by the Duesey Days Committee for street closures for vendors and events on July 11th and 12th. On one of those same days, the

Northwood City Council to Meet Tonight

The Northwood City Council will met tonight at the Northwood City Hall beginning at 6pm to discuss a number of issues before the city. The first will be to look into making the Deputy City Clerk position into a full time job. Currently Cindy Borcherding holds the position. The council will also take up the

Hancock Courthouse

Hancock County Supervisors transfer funds, review secondary road budget & approve roadside spraying (Audio)

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors met in adjourned session Monday with a brief agenda beginning with transferring funds from Rural Basic to Secondary Roads and from the Iowa Governmental Health Care Plan to the Hancock County Medical Benefit Fund.  Supervisor Jerry Tlach explains both. The Hancock County Supervisors also reviewed the Iowa DOT secondary

Water Main

Belmond Water Woes Continue (Audio)

  The City of Belmond is asking its residents to curb running their water to avoid freezing lines. Three water main breaks over the weekend have caused the city to ask their citizens to shut off running faucets. Belmond City Manager Lee Ann Waltzing explains: The water treatment plant has the capacity to produce 1200

FC City Hall

Forest City Council to Meet Tonight

The City Council of Forest City will convene to discuss with the Skott and Anderson Architects, the revised blueprint plans for the Emergency Services Center Project. The building plans had to be scaled back due to a lack of funding for the original plans. City officials met with fire and ambulatory representatives earlier on what


Area Researcher Needs Data on Volunteerism (Audio)

Each of us has at one point and time volunteered for a cause or an effort to help someone or something. Statistically, more volunteerism is done in the rural setting than in the urban setting. In most cases, the rural effort proves more successful. What is very interesting is that researchers don’t know much about


Area Grief Support Groups Starting Soon (Audio)

The North Iowa Grief and Support Group will commence with once a week for seven week sessions beginning next week. The organization is multi-faceted with their approach to helping those who have lost loved ones. Organizer Catherine Mills of the Support Group told KIOW News what happens when the group meets. The group doesn’t just