Abusers Tend to End Up With The Children in Custody Battles Finds a Report

Over the past eight years, custodial parents killed 58 American children after a court ignored abuse claims by a protective parent, according to the Center for Judicial Excellence.And a new investigative report, published by 100Reporters.org, says family courts systemically discredit claims of child abuse and award custody to the accused parent. Reporter Laurie Udesky, the author of that […]

Grassley Bill Targeting Perpetrators of Crimes Against Seniors Sails Through Judiciary Committee

The Senate Judiciary Committee last week approved Senator Chuck Grassley’s bipartisan legislation to step up penalties against perpetrators of crimes against vulnerable senior citizens.  The Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act of 2017 cleared the committee by voice vote with no opposition.  The bill was spurred by a Judiciary Committee hearing last year where Iowans […]