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Community Pools Together to Build a Daycare

Community Pools Together to Build a Daycare

One of the largest complaints found in communities today is the lack of daycare. Statistically, there is a large demand for daycare workers and specialists. Also, space is frequently unavailable at many daycare sites because of either the size of the facility or the number of employees to handle the children is at capacity as

Final Results from 2A Sectional at Charles City

1. Charles City 203.0 2. Osage 199.0 3. Clear Lake 181.0 4. Iowa Falls-Alden 178.0 5. Hampton-Dumont 133.0 6. Aplington-Parkersburg 81.0 106 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place – Eric Faught of Clear Lake 2nd Place – Joe Jacobs of Osage 3rd Place – Drake Steffen of Iowa Falls-Alden 1st Place Match Eric Faught (Clear Lake) 30-0, Fr. over Joe Jacobs (Osage) 7-17, Fr. (Fall 1:29). 2nd Place

Sectional Wrestling 2016 1

Final Results from 2A Sectional at Garner-Hayfield/Ventura High School

1. Clarion-Goldfield-Dows 256.0 2. Webster City 234.0 3. Humboldt 165.0 4. Algona 152.0 5. Garner-Hayfield/Ventura 129.0 6. Forest City 123.5 106 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place – Connor Johnson of Clarion-Goldfield-Dows 2nd Place – Cameron Peterson of Algona 3rd Place – Derick Khaleck of Webster City 4th Place – Alec Fett of Forest City 5th Place – Aaron Diesburg of Humboldt 6th Place – Zach Eichmann of

Sectional Wrestling 2016 1

Sectional Wrestling Reports on KIOW and B103

Saturday, February 6th KIOW Sectional Wrestling Reports 2A in Charles City Top of the Hour starting at 1:00 PM 1A in Britt 15 past the hour starting at 12:15 PM 2A in Garner half past the hour starting at 12:30 PM 1A in Manly 45 past the hour starting at 12:45 PM KHAM Sectional Wrestling

Food Pantry Network

Storm Moves Northwood Pantry Date

The area was heavily impacted by the blizzard on February 2nd. Many businesses and offices were closed while events were postponed or cancelled. One of the programs that was postponed was the Mobil Pantry Program in Northwood. The program is a joint effort by the Northwood Community Center, Manna of Worth County, and the Food