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FC Theater

North Iowa Film Festival to Debut in Forest City

North Iowa Film Festival to Debut in Forest City

The first annual North Iowa Film Festival (NIFF) will make its debut at the newly reopened Forest Theatre on May 2, 2014. Five short films will premiere from Phillip Koolhoven, Carlos Ruiz, Claire Lawson, Kyle Acker and Andrew May, all of whom are current students or alumni of Waldorf College based in Forest City, Iowa

Northwood City Council Changes Meeting Times

The Northwood City Council has made a change to its meeting habits. The council decided to change from meeting every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, to every second and fourth Monday of the month. The council meetings times will remain the same beginning at 6pm. The council felt it would be easier for

IRP Presents “Contempt of Court”

The theater in Rowan will be the site of a hilarious comedy entitled “Contempt of Court” which is being put on by the Iowa River Players. The show is a mix of Judge Judy, Family Court, and Night Court according to officials  involved with the show. What makes the show so interesting is that it

Mitchell Fifth Healthiest. Hancock is Forty Second.

People in Osage and surrounding communities in Mitchell County can boast about being the fifth healthiest county in the state. That according to a research group out of the University of Wisconsin who used determinates  as healthy habits, smoking, alcohol use, and how many were using a health club or wellness facility. Of the 99 counties

Winnebago County

Winnebago County Courthouse Undergoes Facelift

The bricks and mortar have arrived and the scaffolding is now up as the Winnebago County Courthouse undergoes some much needed repairs. It was announced a couple of weeks ago that the supplies for the remodeling had arrived, but that weather was the main determinant as to when the project would begin. Parts of the north

City Yields to Public School Crossing Demand

The City of Buffalo Center heard from the residents who are concerned about their children having to cross Highway 9 without the benefit of a stop sign. The council is now taking steps to see if putting a crosswalk up is feasible under county and state law. They will have to get permission from the


Dogs Beware! That Mess Will Cost You

According to some Britt residents along Main Street, the dog messes are a mess to mess with. Business owners along Main Street are tired of people tracking in the “puppy presents” and smelling up the store. So the city council of Britt has acted on the complaints an ordinance to alleviate the problem. If a

West Hancock

Audit Report on West Hancock Community Schools Made Public

The West Hancock Community School District recently underwent an audit by Cornwell, Frideres, Maher, and Associates. The findings of the audit were given to the West Hancock Community School Board and then were made available to the public for review. In it, the district remains well within their budgeted parameters with expenses totaling $7,493,645 and

Iowa Workforce Development

Laborshed Project Concludes Phone Survey

The Winnebago-Worth Counties Betterment Council has concluded a series of confidential household telephone surveys yesterday that was aimed at examining the labor force in both counties. The study is attempting to assist existing and potential businesses to have a complete understanding of the make-up of the area’s labor force. Larger scale metropolitan areas use these