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Primary Vote 2014: Hancock County Polling Locations

Primary Vote 2014: Hancock County Polling Locations

If you live in Hancock County here is a list of the Hancock County Precincts and Polling Places:   Precinct #             Precinct Description                                           Polling Place   1                      All of Ellington and Madison                             Faith Lutheran Church (Miller) Townships, Forest City Corporation in              1985 290th St, Garner Hancock County   2                      All of Crystal Township,                                    Crystal

Whittaker 2

Primary Vote 2014: Whittaker Senatorial Bid

The final Senatorial candidate is Matthew Whittaker who has strong opinions regarding issues facing Congress and the nation. Though Whittaker is not one of the prominent names found on the ballot, he has continued to fight for what he believes are the most pressing issues today. Whittaker is a family man who has three children,


Primary Vote 2014: Schaben Senatorial Bid

One of the names you may not have heard much in the Iowa Senatorial campaign is that of Scott Schaben. Born and raised in western Iowa, Schaben is from Harlan. He is a conservative Republican who has approached his campaign from the thought that the biggest problem the nation has is competent, compassionate, leadership. He


Primary Vote 2014: Clovis Senatorial Bid

Sam Clovis is one of five candidates running for the Senate seat held by the retiring Tom Harkin. Clovis is a radio host and instructor at a liberal arts college who believes in strong conservative values. Clovis believes that the federal government should restrict itself to only a few actions in a free market system.


Primary Vote 2014: Mark Jacobs Senatorial Bid

The United States Senatorial race for Iowa on the Republican side is between five candidates. Joni Ernst, Sam Clovis, Scott Schaben, Matt Whitaker, and Mark Jacobs. Jacobs was born and raised in Iowa. He is the father of three children and believes in the traditional marriage concept, between a man and a woman. Jacobs believes that the

Absentee Ballots

Republicans and Democrats Battle in Registration Locally

County courthouses throughout the area have been getting a number of requests for absentee ballots. Iowa Republicans throughout the state held a 3,000 registered voter lead over Democrats. What makes the scenario interesting is that Democrats are returning their ballots faster to their respect courthouses faster than Republicans. Almost three times faster than GOP registered


Forest City Council to Discuss Parking Issues

At the Forest City Hall, the City Council will open their bi-monthly meeting with approval of licenses. That will be followed by a request by Bash on the Farm to waive the noise ordinance for their celebration on both June 21st and 22nd. The celebrations are expected to last well into the evening. The council

West Hancock

Eighteen Employment Moves at West Hancock Community Schools (Audio)

The West Hancock Community School District Board of Education has approved up to fourteen different transfers of employees from one position to another within the district. They also accepted four resignations including high school English teacher Kelly Winter, elementary school principal Sara Grimm, and school cooks Rose Berhow and JoAnn Harle. There are several positions