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Twelve Easter Services Today in Forest City

There will be twelve Easter services in Forest City today, encompassing the earliest in the area to the latest. The first will take place at the First Congregational Church at 316 N. 6th Street. Lay Pastor Joyce Schmidt will lead the first area service at 6am with an Easter Worship which will be followed by

Easter Services in Woden Today

There will be three Easter worship services in Woden this morning. The first will take place at the St. John’s Lutheran Church which will start at 7am. There will also be a communion. Then at 8am, the church will have an Easter breakfast and fellowship. The church is located at 302 2nd Street in Woden. Then

Titonka Easter Services

The Immanuel Lutheran and Ramsey Reformed churches in Titonka will have Easter services today. Pastors Kim and Trudy Peterson will lead the congregation at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in an Easter service beginning at 9am. Prior to the service, the church will be having an 8am breakfast. The church is located at 110 340th Street.

Thompson Easter Services at Three Churches Today

Those attending church in Thompson will have three locations where church services will happen today. The earliest will be at the Thompson United Methodist Church. Worship service will begin at 8:30am followed by a Sunday School at 9:45am. The Sunday School will be at Bethany Lutheran. Bethany Lutheran church is located at 183 2nd Avenue

Scarville Will Have Two Easter Services

In Scarville, both churches have planned Easter Services for their congregations. Pastor Randall Baldwin will lead the Immanuel Lutheran Church in an Easter Service beginning at 9am. The church is located at 105 E. 3rd Street. After the service at 10:15am, there will be a Sunday School. Pastor Thomas Rank will lead a 9am Easter

Miller to Have Sonrise Service and Breakfast

The town of Miller will have an Easter celebration at the First Lutheran Church. The church is located at 1985 290th Street and will begin with a sonrise service beginning at 7am. It will be the second earliest service in the area only to Leland’s West Prairie Lutheran which starts at 6:30am. After the service,

Leland Features Two Easter Services

In Leland there will be two Easter services. The first celebration will take place at the West Prairie Lutheran Church which will have the earliest Easter service in the area. The church, which is at 40041 150th Avenue will begin with an Easter service at 6:30am followed by at 7:30am Easter Breakfast.  Meanwhile at Our

Manly Easter Celebrations Include a Cantata Worship Service

There will be three Easter services in Manly today. Bethel United Methodist Church will start Easter morning with an Easter Sunrise service at 7am, followed by an Easter breakfast at 8am, and an Easter cantata service at 10:30am. The Bethlehem Lutheran Church will begin their Easter worship at 9:30am. The Sacred Heart Catholic Church in

Lake Mills Will Have Seven Easter Services Today

Six different churches will have a total of seven Easter services today. In alphabetical order they are as follows. The Asbury United Methodist Church at 107 E. Main Street will have its worship service beginning at 10:30am. The New Hope Tabernacle at 101 S. Harrison will have its Easter worship service beginning at 10am The