Jim Mowrer Releases Second Ad, “Together”

Iraq Veteran, Former Senior Pentagon Official and Congressional candidate Jim Mowrer launched his second broadcast television ad, “Together”. http://youtu.be/Idd91FT2GVs This will run on broadcast television in Des Moines and Sioux City and on cable throughout the district. This will run in addition to his first ad, “On an Iowa Farm”,which started running on August 1. […]

King Grills Attorney General over Persecuting the President’s Enemies (Video)

Congressman Steve King released a video from his questioning of the witness, Attorney General Eric Holder, at the House Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday on “Oversight of the U.S. Department of Justice.” The theme of King’s questioning of the witness was “Partisan, Political Persecution by Prosecuting the President’s Enemies.” To watch the video, click the link below: http://youtu.be/IoKM8xr91e8