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Sunday Conversation with Senator Charles Grassley (Audio / Video)

Sunday Conversation with Senator Charles Grassley (Audio / Video)

Senator Charles Grassley took a moment to talk with KIOW News Director A. J. Taylor and members of the media on various topics this week. Subjects covered had to do with the President accusing the Congress of being the least productive body in recent history, the Iowa State University research funding scandal, and the hot

Flooded basement 1

Klemme Deals with Flooded Areas (Audio)

Thunderstorms have left destruction in several areas around the Forest City area. Rivers are almost out of their banks as are creeks and farmland is facing serious ponding issues. Some of the drainage districts which were in need of cleaning or repair are also backed up. In Klemme, the town is supposed to be celebrating

2014 Safety Award

Hazard Control Excellence Award Goes to Winnebago Industries

Winnebago Industries recently received the Hazard Control Excellence Award from the Iowa-Illinois Safety Council. “This award is an achievement that every employee can be proud of,” said Winnebago Industries’ Chairman, CEO and President Randy Potts.  “We actively solicit safety improvement ideas from our employees through safety committees, supervisors, managers and the safety department, so that

Job Honor Awards Photo 2014

Winnebago Industries Recipient of First Annual Iowa Job Honor Awards

Winnebago Industries was the recipient of the Iowa Job Honor Awards, a new initiative aimed at recognizing Iowans who have overcome significant barriers to employment. Kyle Horn, founder and director of the awards, describes his motivation to launch the initiative: “Our society celebrates lottery winners, celebrities and professional athletes. Yet if these are the only